National On Site Training (NOST) provides assessment only partnerships with clients. These partnerships imply the following:

* Client organisations provide their own training and assessment to their own personnel via internal processes.

* NOST certifies this internal training and assessment by providing nationally recognised statements of attainment and qualifications to the client's personnel.

The process would include:

  • Suitably qualified client assessors conduct assessments in the workplace.
  • Client assessors use appropriate assessment tools and processes.
  • NOST conducts audits to ensure:
    • Assessors are suitably qualified, and continue to meet Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) requirements.
    • The implementation of appropriate assessment processes.
    • Assessment tools used meet the requirements of each relevant unit of competency assessed from the relevant Training Package.
  • NOST provides recommendations for improvements (where necessary). These recommendations are based on the audit results.
  • NOST, in conjunction with the client, may implement these improvements.

A partnership arrangement between a client organisation and NOST will achieve the following outcomes:

  • The initial implementation of a consistent assessment system providing quality outcomes.
  • An assessment system that assists the client to ensure its workforce has the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and efficiently.
  • The awarding of Nationally recognised Statements of Attainment, and Statements of Qualification (where applicable) to client personnel, once competency is achieved.
  • Assessment systems which ensure compliance with the AQTF and provide a defence in depth against common law and other legal actions.

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