Designed to meet the requirements of various state regulators (including Queensland Radiation Health, NSW EPA, etc for anyone seeking a "license to use".


This learning program is Queensland Radiation Health approved course number ED205, ED210, ED211 and NSW EPA approved courses IA5, IA19, IA8, IA9, S8, S9. ARPANSA does not have a formal approval process, our courses have been successfully used to satisfy ARPANSA conditions for various CSIRO and Museum and Gallery licenses.


One day class room.


The course covers radiation safety issues related to typical techniques, isotopes and quantities (activities) and equipment found in museums and galleries.

The learning program is practical in nature; participants will be involved in a number of small group workshops and discussions centred on concepts and problems useful to radiation laboratory workers. Topics include:

  • Basics of radiation physics
  • Units
  • Biological effects and measuring risk
  • Identification and control of internal and external hazards
  • Conservation, work area and task design
  • Selection and use of radiation instruments
  • Contamination control and decontamination

Assessment for the course is competency based. The assessment instrument is a multiple choice and short answer open book exam of approximately 20 minutes duration. All questions must be answered correctly to achieve competency.


Class room based delivery at our venue regularly, see the page for "Radiation User Training" for dates.

Custom, on-site delivery specifically for clients at their venue and contextualised to the client’s specific systems, contact us to discuss.