Brisbane Course Dates

Date: October 3 - 5
$1800.00 per person
Date: December 12 - 14
$1800.00 per person

Designed to meet the requirements of Queensland Radiation Health for anyone seeking a: "license to use and transport industrial radiography equipment" OR "approval as an RSO for industrial radiography equipment"


This learning program is a Queensland Radiation Health approved course number ED205.


Three Days


The training explains the risks related to radiation exposure, discussions of the most likely accidents involving the sources, the design safety features of the sources used in the workplace and the related basic operational safety systems used in the workplace. The training also explains the functions of an RSO for industrial radiography and develops the key skills required in this area (Health physics, Qld RS Standards, auditing and developing, administering and auditing Radiation Safety and Protection Plans


Class room based delivery at our venue, or delivered specifically for clients at their venue and contextualised to the client’s specific systems.