Managing a business is not about “gut feelings”. Good quality decision making is based on well defined risk management practices. Why not have one of our staff lead your team through a:

  • “Bow Tie gap analysis” for your explosives or recruitment management systems,
  • “Cost benefit analysis” for options on your re-engineering or proposed sub-contracting project,
  • “FN curve” for mild to extreme weather event response planning or site traffic incident analysis,
  • “HAZOP” for the design of your process plant,
  • “Fully Quantitative WRAC” for your sites Radiation Safety Plan or Principle Chemical Hazard Register?

The multitude of risk management techniques available to industry can be bewildering. Our facilitators can advise you on appropriate techniques and can lead your management or technical staff through the process, ensuring insightful outputs to ensure your management decision making is as well informed as possible.

Recent Clients: Downer EDI Blasting, BHP Billiton Gemco