Save time/money, 3 hours in and out, full Std 11 Certificate, pick own time/date, Brisbane, easy parking

Brisbane Course Dates

Date: COVID-19 Distance Mode - Available Every Day.
$600.00 per person
Date: August 5
$600.00 per person
Date: August 17
$600.00 per person
Date: August 18
$600.00 per person
Date: August 19
$600.00 per person
Date: August 24
$600.00 per person
Date: August 26
$600.00 per person
Date: August 27
$600.00 per person


Current induction cards expired or lost - no problem.

Limited documents because you have been working overseas - no problem.

Brisbane, pick your date, pick your time, in and out in 3 hours. Save time.


If you have been working in the resources sector or if you have an existing induction with current experience and your five year refresher is due, don't sit in a classroom for one or more days, come and complete our refresher via RPL process in a couple of hours. Some sites in Queensland have specific requirements for the customisation of their generic induction training (for example BMA), anyone who is considering enrolling in the Standard 11 Induction is advised to first confirm the specific requirements of their site.


The Refresher via RPL process for Recognised Standard 11 can be completed at any time by negotiation. After hours or weekend times attract a $100.00 out of hours charge. The process is completed by submission of evidence, a challenge test and an interview with an assessor. The process usually takes between two and three hours, each participant is guided through the process by an assessor one-on-one, making the process fast and easy. If successful, the participant will be issued with an RTC ID Card and a full Statement of Attainment for Recognised Standard 11


People who hold any type of expired Induction Card and/or who require recognition of their current, existing skills, knowledge and experience should apply for RPL.

The RISA Induction has a 5 year refresher period as recommended under S84 of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulations.

*The RISA Standard 11 Induction – Surface is a program owned and managed by the Resources Training Council Inc (RTC). NOST is a proud member of the association and is licensed by RTC to deliver the program.


Submitted evidence will be evaluated prior to any payment being required. The challenge test and interview usually take 2-3 hours in our office with an assessor. COVID-19 Distance mode has replaced the challenge test and interview with email/telephone/facetime contact.


This learning program has three components:

  1. Submission of evidence (may include: Certificates for various mining competencies, first aid, fire training, trade qualifications, log books, JSAs, site authorisations, tickets to operate equipment, etc)
  2. Challenge Test
  3. Interview

In combination, the three components of the RPL program meet the requirements of the following national units of competency from the RII20213 Certificate II in surface extraction operations released 7 Dec 2014:

  • RIIWHS201 Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
  • RIIERR205 Apply initial response first aid
  • RIIGOV201 Comply with site work processes/procedures
  • RIIRIS201 Conduct local risk control
  • RIICOM201 Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIERR302 Respond to local emergencies and incidents

Resources Training Council

National On Site Training is a proud member of the Resources Training Council.

Members of the RTC are committed to a quality product that meets all the requirements of the AQTF and the specific requirements of the Department of Mines in Queensland. The RTC product even meets the requirement for assessment in the actual workplace as required by the Chief Inspector of Mines in Queensland.