Learn to conduct assessments in the workplace (WPTASS001)

Brisbane Course Dates

Date: January 22 & 23
$650.00 per person
Date: March 4 & 5
$650.00 per person
Date: May 13 & 14
$650.00 per person

Duration: 2 days

Aim: To equip participants with the skills, knowledge and attitude to plan, organise and carry out workplace assessments following established assessment processes and using assessment tools developed by others.

Delivery: Face-to-face, off-the-job facilitated learning, reinforced by a practical, work-based assignment completed after the workshop.

Designed for: This nationally recognised course is appropriate for those with significant technical or vocational expertise who are expected to assess others as part of their work responsibilities.
The course is not suitable for those who are required to plan, organise and conduct assessments against nationally recognised units of competency or accredited courses.

Pre-requisites: No qualifications or other formal pre-requisites are necessary to participate in this course. However, it is recommended that participants have a minimum of 12 months experience working in the industry in which they plan to assess so that they have sufficient subject matter knowledge and experience to be able to assess others effectively.

LLN: To complete this course successfully, participants need to have reasonably well developed skills in areas such as reading, writing and communication. Examples of the skill requirements include:

  • Literacy skills to read and interpret information and instructions relating to the assessment
  • Literacy skills to document assessment evidence
  • Observation skills to observe the performance of a candidate
  • Organising skills to prepare for an assessment and collect evidence
  • Communication skills to discuss the assessment process with candidates, to ask questions as part of the assessment, and to provide constructive and supportive feedback.

Pre-course preparation: Before attending the workshop, participants are encouraged to access and bring a copy of:

  • their organisation’s assessment policies and procedures;
  • an assessment tool that they will be expected to use when conducting assessments in the workplace

Topics: The topics addressed in this course include:

  • An overview of assessment
  • Key assessment concepts
  • Assessment tools and instruments
  • Preparing to assess
  • The pre-assessment briefing
  • Gathering evidence
  • Finalising the assessment
  • Reviewing the assessment

Assessment: The assessment for this course consists of:

  • Short answer questions
  • Simulated assessment activity conducted on the course and observed by a NOST assessor
  • Completion of forms relating to the simulated assessment activity
  • Two assessments conducted by the candidate in the workplace, using their organisation’s assessment tools and observed by a qualified assessor from their organisation (or a NOST assessor if the "assessment support day(s)" option is taken up)
  • Completion of forms relating to the workplace assessments

Post course assessment: To complete the assessment component of this course, participants need to be working in, or have access to, an environment in which they are able to conduct assessments using assessment tools developed by others. This will be demonstrated through the observation and documentation of two assessments conducted by the candidate in the workplace, using their organisation’s assessment tools and observed by a qualified assessor from their organisation (or a NOST assessor if the "assessment support day(s)" option is taken up). Participants have three months to complete their assessment after attendance at the course. The number of hours taken to complete this assessment will vary between participants. However, as a rough guide, it is recommended that participants allow approximately 4 – 6 hours to complete the assessment for this course.